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Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox

by Kate Rheaume-Bleue B.Sc,. N.D.

N.D. Millions of people take synthetic Vitamin D3 and calcium supplements without the protective benefits of natural natto derived K2. New research shows that artificial vitamin D3 taken with calcium actually increases calcification of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) leading to more porous bones, hypertension, strokes, dementia, kidney failure and premature death. This book describes the critical role of vitamin K2 in both preventing and reversing hardening of the arteries and promoting healthy blood vessels that have smooth blood flow, are flexible, and can absorb changes in blood pressure without rupturing. Learn how vitamin K2 is an anti-aging nutrient for fighting wrinkles, dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis and much more. Vitamin K2 for diabetes, arthritis, brain and nerves, kidney health, fertility, strong bones and teeth. 277 pages with over 25 pages of source citations, soft cover with index.

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