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Testimonials from readers
of the Natural Immunity Handbook

Ron Klatz, MD, Chicago, IL

“As a non-medical person, the author has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and understanding about human health, based on his very personal and often difficult medical experiences where he truly acted as his own and best patient advocate. NIH is the culmination of his keen insights into the human condition, his compassionate and analytical mind. The Natural Immunity Handbook is richly endowed with new insights on immune function and self-help protocols that get you the medical attention you need – especially when you have exhausted all ‘conventional’ options and it’s time to “think outside the box.”

David P., So Pasadena, F

“Having begun a cross-country odyssey from California in early June in search of self, I was happy to find the latest edition of your manual in the alternative bookstore in Denver – and had to have it. Its information is even more comprehensive than an earlier edition I was fortunate to receive. It contains a wealth of topics that can only serve to enlighten those who actively choose a more complete holistic path in their healing, and accept responsibility for it. Beyond that, thank you for the compassion, awareness and love behind your action, which gives to many the faith and hope to join with the process of life and move forward with living. It is gratifying to know that you include a spiritual perspective that, indeed, is an integral part of one’s existence, a part that more of us need to embrace as it holds many answers.”

Charlotte Lodi, MD, Altadena, CA

“I send you my best wishes for your book, to be read by many people, who can finally find relief from their suffering.”

Dollie Reed, Leonidas, MI

“I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFIDS. It is the only real help I have found in the six years I have been sick. My life is now worth living again.”

Patrick, Provincetown, MA

“I want to thank you for the book and the new lease on life the diet has given me. I am now miraculously free from candidiasis, psoriasis and gastric distress. God Bless you.”

Steve "Being Alive" San Diego, CA

“Some time ago you sent us a copy of your book. It has been circulated among members of our group. The whole book is informative and well put together. Many Thanks.”

John Pittman MD, Raleigh, NC

“The author has created a patient-friendly system for those facing a serious chronic illness; a system that gives personal power back to the individual. IRH is an invaluable aid to persons facing these conditions.”