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Money Creation From the Knight's Templars

to Wall St Bankers

by Conrad LeBeau.

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Covers the history of money creation from 1000 years ago to today’s bankers. Explains and documents how the Templars and today’s bankers use trade secrets and deceptive practices to become the wealthiest people on earth. Learn why the banking system of the United States is an 95% accounting and bookkeeping system that creates digital dollars with less than 5% in cash reserves. Why it is in a constant state of insolvency. However, several practical solutions for this “money issue problem” are provided for individuals, local, and state governments. The 100-year history of the Bank of N. Dakota and the huge profits it has made for the people of N.Dakota is discussed.

An easy to read printed version of this 64 page book is available for $7 a single copy. Join this historic revolution to take back our monetary and banking system, our government, and get rid of the massive (high interest bearing) public and private debt that has accumulated over the past two centuries. Click here to see Table of Contents

Note: Each book on Money Creation come with a copy of a two page Petition to the President and Congress for sweeping monetary reform proposals to refinance most public and private debt at interest rates no higher than 3% and other essential reforms. For maximum effect, a copy of the booklet and the petition should be mailed together.

includes one Petition to Congress