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Notice:This website (Lebeaubooks.com) contains information, treatment proposals, and creative solutions for multiple health conditions and diseases including Covid-19 for the education and benefit of researchers, doctors, the mass media, and the general public. Treatments suggested herein are intended for testing purposes or experimental use under the informed consent of a licensed doctor of your choice. It is best to consult with a local doctor who has an open mind to integrative and creative remedies.


*Integrative medicine means any combination of allopathic (patented medicine – FDA approved) used with the off-label use of prescribed drugs, homeopathic, non-patentable, herbal, nutritional, bio-oxidative, chiropractic, naturopathic, immune-based therapies, traditional Chinese medicine, prayer, and other natural healing arts.


No part of this website that exceeds 25 words may be quoted, reprinted or reproduced in any form for commercial use without citing the source of the quote and also has the prior written permission of the author and this website. All writings herein are based on inalienable rights derived from our Creator and are not a privilege of government. These rights are also cited in the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution and include the First amendment right of free speech and of the press, and, also the Ninth Amendment right to freedom of choice in medicine. Ninth amendment rights retained by the people are those not enumerated in the Bill of Rights or in the U.S. Constitution.


For medical advice on non-emergencies, contact a local integrative doctor or call Dr. Ron Peters MD at 480-607-7999 or visit his website at healmindbody.com. For health emergencies, dial 911. Enjoy better health with more knowledge, along with sound dietary and lifestyle choices. You can find local integrative doctors using links at lebeaubooks.com. Enjoy. Conrad LeBeau