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A Petition to President elect Biden and Members of Congress

 To stop farm foreclosues, to reform and restructure banking laws that direct the Federal government to coin money, print currency and mandate the Federal Reserve Banks create digital dollars and deposit the same in the governments checking account, for the purpose of funding multiple worthy causes as determined by Congress -

  • to supply funds to end Congressional budget shortages
  • to refinance farm debts with 3% annual rates
  • to refinance home mortgages with 3% interest rates
  • to gradually pay off the entire U.S. national public debt
  • to offer all citizens U.S. government credit cards at 3%
  • to break up the credit monopolies of the big banks
  • to offer low cost loans for small business and students
  • and for other worthy causes as determined by Congress

To this end with Divine Providence to guide us, we pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

For a copy of the 2 page petition and the full page Ad to Stop Farm Foreclosures to send to the President and Congress - click here

For bulk quantity purchases of the booklet on Money Creation to distribute as an educational tool to be sent along with the petition, go here.

Thank you for your prayers and support

Conrad LeBeau