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My 10 day battle with Covid that began on 9/22/21. New antibody test finds I was exposed. Conrad LeBeau

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My Experience with the Delta Variant of Covid-19
by C. E. LeBeau  - Oct 10, 2021

    On the first day of autumn, Sept 22, it started with a severe runny nose.  At first I thought it was my usual fall cold. I had eaten a large ice cream cone a few days earlier and I often react to ice cream with sinus congestion or even a cold. Ice cream has long been a personal addiction of mine and I have tried to limit or avoid it as much as possible. By the next evening I had developed a low-grade fever (100 to 101 degrees F). A fever is something that does not occur in me because of a cold and I suspected something else was going on - possible Covid. In addition, by late Thursday evening, I felt the cold moving from my nose to my chest.
    I could feel discomfort grow in my chest. It began with sensitivity to the touch and tenderness in parts of my chest on both sides. Then I decided to do a hot bath with 2 quarts of 3% hydrogen peroxide added. I did this for 20 minutes and felt some improvement, but not a total clearance. My temperature fluctuated, going back to normal and then going up again. By Friday morning the next day, I still had a low-grade fever although I felt 60% improved. Later that day, I decided to do another bath for 20 minutes with 2 more quarts of 3% H2O2 added.
    By Friday evening, 2 days into this drama, I felt 80% improved but not 100%. However, I still had a low-grade fever and now I had developed diarrhea. I went to the local drug store and bought a bottle of Pepto-Bismol and took a shot. It seemed to help but the discomfort in my stomach now alternated with discomfort still in my lungs. I also began to take 2 tablets of Bronchial Clear, a thyme based remedy that my research indicated would work against the common cold, the flu and Covid. Instead of taking 1 tablet 3 times day suggested on the label, I decided to double the dose to 2 tablets 3 times a day.
    By noon Saturday I felt I had made some progress but no cure yet. I was actually disappointed that the two baths done on Thursday and Friday with the H2O2 added had not completely knocked out the infection. My reflection on my condition was that this is going to be a tough virus to beat. I was sure now that I had the Covid Delta strain and decided that since I had more infection fighters in my kitchen cabinet than they had at the hospital, I did not see any point in going to the ER. I decided to try something different.
    Sept. 26th. It was now 3 days since this started and I decided to try- Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in bath water. I still had a low grade ever and chest congestion that I wanted to clear. I added 2 cups of ACV and 1 cup of Epsom salt to a tub full of warm water and took a 20 to 25 minute soak. It felt really good. Within an hour, the rest of the discomfort in my chest simply vanished. The low-grade fever stopped. Wow, I thought - this is progress.
    The ACV and Epsom Salt bath had accomplished what two baths with H2O2 alone could not accomplish. I was still taking my thyme tablets and my other routine of supplements that I won't list here. My breathing was normal, my sinuses were clear. The fever was now gone but I still had one problem - diarrhea - I thought - holy crap. "this virus can do a number on you from head to toe."
    I recall that for some reason I had not used the grapefruit seed extract with the Artemisia Annua in it. I had set the bottle aside as I did not use this every day and had forgot about it. On Sunday I again used the ACV and Epsom salt bath and felt good enough to drive myself to the grocery store. My chest now felt fine. No fever, no runny nose. Just one problem that kept me close to home - I still had the runs.
    Oct 2nd. The diarrhea came and went several times in the previous week. Ten days had passed since Sept 22nd and I decided to try an old home remedy for diarrhea that originated in Italy. You take a clove of raw garlic and with a sharp parry knife shape it into a bullet size piece, rub some olive oil on it as a lubricant and then insert into your rectum as a suppository. I did insert the garlic clove as a rectal suppository before bedtime. The next day, low and behold, I had normally formed stools. No more diarrhea! It has not returned since.
    Important note: I recently read a doctors opinion online where he said if you suspect you have any of the Covid strains of the virus, start treating it immediately - then go to the doctor for an evaluation. SARS-Cov-2, the Covid-19 virus can hit you so fast and so hard that even waiting 24 hours before you see a doctor can leave you with a case of full-blown pneumonia, blood clots and a bleeding disorder. Everyone on planet earth needs to prepare a battle plan and be ready to deal with this virus if it knocks on your door.
    The two most popular low cost off label remedies being used around plant earth to treat Covid-19 at this time are 1. Ivermectin and the second one is Sweet Wormwood also known as Artemisia Annua. In Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, Artemisia Annua is used as a tea to treat Covid-19 with a 99% recovery rate.

A recent Antibody Test shows I was exposed to the Covid-19 virus

   Recently, a friend suggested that the symptoms I had on Sept 22 and the following 10 days might just be a fall cold. I disagreed. To resolve this issue, I recently had a lab test for the antibodies. The test was done at Lab Corp on Nov 18, 2021 which was 58 days after I first developed Covid symptoms on September 22. This test indicates that I had acquired antibodies to the SARS-Cov2 virus. The results show that I had a modest antibody quantity of 258.8 u/ml. You can read the test results here.  

Historical Note: My first antibody test was in December of 2020 and it was negative. A test a few months earlier for the Covid -19 virus was also negative.


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