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A Five Part Plan to Stop the War in Ukraine

The purpose is this letter and proposal is to stop the ongoing bloodshed in Ukraine, arrange a ceasefire that is monitored by neutral 3rd party observers and to setup a working group to discuss and resolve the underlying issues for a durable, just, and lasting peace.

         First: Seek the approval from President Zelensky and President Putin for their support of a United Nations peacekeeping force of 50,000 or more persons from non-NATO members of the United Nations to separate the warring parties in this conflict and who will agree to simultaneously cease all hostile actions against each other from the air, land, and sea.

         Second: A ceasefire must take effect before the observers are placed in their respective positions in a space corridor of 1 to 3 miles. The mission of the peacekeepers, who should be lightly armed for their own protection is to monitor and report to the United Nations violations from either side. The initial scope of the peacekeeping force should be limited to the Donbass region, Crimea and the contested land between these two points as well as other lands adjoining these areas.

         Third: Russia should agree to immediately allow the UN to deliver food, medicine and water to the civilians and Ukrainian troops barricaded in the underground steel plant in Mariupol. All civilians in Mariupol and other contested areas should be allowed to safely evacuate.

         Fourth: Both sides should agree to abide by the terms of the Geneva Convention in the treatment of their respective prisoners.

         Fifth: Diplomats from the unaligned members of the peacekeeping forces should address both the short and long-term security concerns of both sides and propose solutions to both Ukraine and Russia.

         Finally, religious leaders from all the world’s religions should call for a day of prayer and seek Divine intervention for the success of this mission. The United States should also pause further shipments of arms to Ukraine and offer to help fund this peacekeeping mission as a first priority foreign policy. 


*Original draft by Conrad LeBeau – posted at keephopealive.org on 5/1/22

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